Step 1 is simply to register your interest in the Freedom Seal. By taking this action you are confirming the interest of your company in adopting the Freedom Seal - and in doing so - joining us and many other companies in our mission to protect human rights through robust supply chain due diligence.

In simple terms, this commitment maps to the existing Industry principles against forced labor, as circulated via our Call to Action in partnership with Governments, United Nations Agencies and Civil Society Organizations; specifically, the International Labour Organization (ILO); International Organization for Migration (IOM); Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), and Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB).

The Freedom Seal is proud to stand united with these organizations in our commitment to respect human rights and to strive to end all forms of forced labour. We will continue to support other ongoing efforts and best practices.

By adding your name and allowing us to discuss next steps with your company, you are confirming your interest in following these key principles:

- Every Worker should have freedom of movement

- No Worker should pay for a job

- No Worker should be indebted or coerced to work

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